The Hunt

The small, white, fluffy terrier waited impatiently by the door. The boys put their boots on while looking for their gloves. Dragging their clothes around the entryway, pantry they found the gloves in the basement. Mom was at work. She worked seven days a week to feed six kids. Bruce could hardly stand it. She barked, wagged and pointed at the door. The boys were finally ready to leave. She almost burst with excitement. The door opened to a misty Saturday morning. March in Michigan is damp. Bruce was half way down the driveway before she stopped and looked back. Jim and Tim chased after her. Bruce returned the favor.

Andy was waiting at the end of the drive.

The shadow of the coal burning power plant didn’t affect them at all. They made their way across the empty, two-lane M29. Into the field they went, muddy, low land was perfect for finding mice. They looked for downed trees, boards or anything that might hide the little rodents. Bruce was on the trail her nose to the ground and she was already covered in mud. The small band was pretty good at finding and catching mice. In the next twenty or thirty minutes they’d have the box full.

They surrounded a board that was laying flat on the ground. Tim grabbed the corner and flipped it over mice scattered everywhere. The boys and Bruce chased around trying to capture the mice. Well at least the boys did. Bruce enjoyed biting and shaking them. They stuffed the captured mice into the box.

While wandering through the field they came across ripped up paper caught in a tree. The boys went to investigate. They found a water-damaged, wind strewn Playboy magazine. What a score! Their spirits immediately rose to something close to hysteria. Flipping through the pages was about the best thing they could have imagined. The discovery added a half hour to their campaign. After very serious discussions on the quality of the women and trying to understand the comics they hid the Playboy under some branches and continued the hunt.

After flipping some broken tree trunks and some boards they filled the box. They had no idea what to do with the extremely agitated rodents. But they had a box full of them and were very pleased just the same. They backtracked to retrieve the magazine after a short while they couldn’t seem to find the tree or the pile of branches. They searched then decided to go home.

After reaching home they left the box of rodents outside and went in to raid the refrigerator. Satisfied they went back out to the box and decided what to do.

Setting the box in its right position they would open the little trap type door and see how long it would take the mice to figure it out. The boys provide the voice over thoughts. Bruce waited patiently. One mouse slowly approached the door. “Hey I think it’s safe. I’m going to try it.” Bruce got him pretty quickly. Two more mice ventured close to the door. “He seems to have made it.” “Yeah I think it’s safe.” “Let’s go!” and Bruce got them to.

Quickly the boys grew bored with the game. They left the box, open half full of mice and walked towards the river.

Just another Saturday

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