America Like it a Whole Lot or Leave It (I think everybody left)

Our political leaders (losers is more appropriate);

seem to think we are the only country on the planet,

like to think of USA as a preferential religious nation,

pass around blame like drug users pass around a needle,

insult other country’s political representatives and people,

think they are above and better than anyone else.

As citizens we suffer for their hubris.

At this time whether you support this side or that side, this person or that person we now have 9 months until election day. Plenty of time to reflect and consider what we want for our country. Ask yourself the questions you know are important. Ask yourself if any candidate speaks to those important issues. We have our internal country issues and we have our external world issues. Is there someone with the capacity to bring together wide ranges of people to make our world a better place? Our position in the world has changed not necessarily because of one president or the other. The culture and economic highs have dissipated. We were the “shit” for over 30 years since we were the only industrial country with an infrastructure after WWII. We loved it. We sent everything everywhere and made buckets of money. We set worldwide culture standards. We had the Cold War to placate the war mongers. We had plenty for those who had the privilege and we ignored those who did not.

Now the scenario has flipped. We are in a true test of our ideals as a nation. Our ideals cannot be based on false advertising and the way it used to be. We have to define ourselves for the 21st century. Each one of us knows what is right and what is right for our communities.

Our politicians need to take the long view both forward and back. We can positively influence world cultures and economies. 

We don’t need to vote on the foundation of hate, mistrust and perverse desire.

Let us be the country we aspire to be.

Let us be the world leader we aspire to be.

Let us not sink into the mud of ego.

There are different levels of privilege here, let us practice equity for all.

We have time and we have ability.

Let us reupholster this couch.

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