Ideological Purity?

They might be right Sanders supporters hope for that purity as do other political campaigns. Ask some on the right and it’s the same type of support for the ideal dogma. Of course it’s impossible. That will never happen in a multi level, multi player game like the human race. But we can try and we can compromise to reach a working level to achieve balance. US citizens working together and understanding our differences has always amazed and frustrated other world powers. We come together when needed. You may think we hate each other but when the chips are down we rally! The small highlights of ideological purity are left as added enhancements on our political identity. They may not make massive changes. They may not cause the ship to turn around.

They do cause each of us to think a little differently and that is us. We live through the ebb and flow of chasing dreams. As is often said the United States is a work in progress to become a more perfect union. As it is often experienced, for good or bad, we are on our way.

My sincerest consideration to other countries “world powers”.  I have no intention for this to appear xeno-centric or suffer the -isms of my ego.  ~Mike

Article reference

I have had it with naive Bernie Sanders idealists

Take a lesson from Paul Krugman: We don’t have political revolutions. This is a democracy of incremental change  –


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