Reboot, ReStart, Re, Re, Welcome to 2016

Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Sure.

When I was growing up I was obsessed with the year 2000. I thought we’d be travelling the galaxy. I thought most social issues would be solved. I thought…

Wake up Baby. It’s 2016 and socially we have regressed to the late 1800’s. Hate, Fear, Intolerance and Slavery.  Good Morning Future.

I will not roll over. I will persist in doing what I can to make the world a better place. I will not participate in hate. I will not cloak myself in fear. I will care about you. Your gender, race or religion will not determine how I react to you.

It’s time for Us. Let’s leave the other crap behind and get on with becoming the best species on the planet.

Here are some quotes and photos. I’ve borrowed some from other posters, thank you and others from yahoo images.

Caring CharlieLooking Daliks DanceSquirrel EndWar Fear Goodwork Harder Mediocraty MLK Self Shake WriteItDown

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