it keeps me warm.

Yes I feel so much better.

-better than you

Separation ah seperation

from me to you.


You don’t agree with me. You don’t look like me. You don’t believe in the same god as me. You live better than I. I live better than you.

We cannot have a conversation.  Why do I even try.

I see that look of compassion on your face. I’ve seen you care.

and it’s so twentieth century. The great struggle between hate and love occurred during that century and fortunately love lost.

We did learn how to kill. And kill we do.

Hate leads to success.

Hate leads to political control.

Love, just kick it to the curb. It ain’t no good here.

What’s left is mine.

I demand my due.

We don’t serve your kind here.

Your madrasas, churches and schools have taught you well.

Salute social media. There is nothing better than that to stir your fear.

You are a stranger and strangers must die.

You have what I don’t so your town, village, mosque, synagogue and church must burn.

Hate is so easy. I love it.

No thought no care just point and shoot.

We’re so happy bathed in blood.

It’s unreal.

So reduced to your primal elements. So tribal in your complaints.

Dig this.

You’ve become what you hate.

Your hate is insincere. You follow murderers.

How the fuck do I know.

Maybe I don’t.

I do know you are wrong.

You have destroyed an argument that may have been valid.

Your hate has blinded you.

If you used your mind instead of that gun. You could have won.

But now all you can do is

Whine, Hate and Run.

You’ve lost.




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