Now don’t go all Jihadi on me

I’m sayin’ every life matters.

Around the world we see people, groups and governments demonstrating that your life does not matter.

Well it does.

I’ve got proof.

Aggressive responses to conflict have torn our world a part.

The lack of empathy for the stranger has brought violence to a personnel catastrophe.




That person that you hate has the same hopes and dreams as you.

That religion that you know won’t go to heaven feels the same way about yours.

That government that occupies your land. They live in fear.

Before you tear your soul to pieces with hate and sarcasm -Stop

All Lives Matter

We don’t know who’ll discover the next cure, who’ll make the next wigit that will change your life or who’ll provide the next profound.

It could be anyone.

We can no longer carry our personal PTSD.

We have to remove that burden through understanding and compassion, caring, friends and family.

Caring strangers.

We need no malice and no fear.

We need to …to…..to

have a Jihad for Love


It’s too easy to hate.




Struggle with love it can take up your whole day.

15 thoughts on “#YourLifeMatters

      1. Henry, we need to rally as never before, encourage those who have lost hope, offer forgiveness, and keep God first, always. Evil forces are hell-bent upon destroying everyone who do not fall at their false idol feet. I carry my shield and sword, it is engraved with Christ blood.

      2. Thanks Coffee. I appreciate your conviction. I would rather fight for the cause in the name of humanity. We all have a right to our beliefs and some are different than others. I do not want to separate us by belief. We have to fight for the sake of humanity.

  1. All lives matter! I say it in italiano : tutti gli esseri viventi, il nostro pianeta contano. A Parigi e in atto il Congresso sul clima. La terra sta morendo e noi ?
    Servono azioni positive e progettare politiche diverse di sviluppo.

    1. Thank you and I agree completely. I hope our political leaders will ignore their greed and egos and do what is best for the world.
      Grazie e Sono completamente d’accordo. Spero che i nostri leader politici ignorano la loro avidità e ego e fare ciò che è meglio per il mondo.

      1. That’s wonderful. It’s very mild here in Michigan. We usually have snow by this time. Enjoy Beautiful Roma!!!
        Godetevi Bella Roma !!! Sounds so nice in Italian.

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