Weaponized Jackasses

I am sick. I am sick of every idiot who tells me guns are not the problem. That’s not the point.  Allowing jackasses access to guns is the problem. Until we can test for “Jackassiness” access must be denied.

No one should have a gun including the police, government agencies and the military. We must get to the next level of humanity and we can’t with guns.

Oh, Mike. You’re such a tree hugging, libtard why don’t you crawl back under your recycled blanket and leave us alone.

This ain’t political, has nothing to do with the misplaced righteous sense of Freedoms and Liberties.

It has everything to do with my ability to feel safe without worrying about some spoiled, crybaby, jackass who’s having a bad day.

No regulation needed. No disputes. Just stop manufacturing guns and bullets.

This is the only weapon that should be manufactured.Photo source: flickr.com

“Maybe I was a little sharp using the word Jackass. Maybe Jackeninni would be more appropriate. But I couldn’t figure out the spelling.”


11 thoughts on “Weaponized Jackasses

      1. They will get it soon. Sometimes the it takes violence to bring about peace. I know it sounds harsh but it will click soon and the very pro gun guys are the ones that’s going to turn on gun manufacturing. Just take it easy. A change is coming… All this war and gun violence going on can’t last forever.

    1. There used to be training and very cautious, considerate adults who’d teach you how to use and respect the devastating ability of guns. Of course our inability to properly communicate with each other has a lot to do with it. We can’t have an argument or heated discussion without someone bringing out the gun. It’s the 21st century and time to end all of that. I enjoy target shooting and skeet shooting but I’ll gladly give that up.

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