Below is a very heartfelt post on 9/11 and the years after. My comment is here and below is titled George Strait…

I was a tech at a corporation and I was tasked to put the unfolding nightmare on the big screen. We had an auditorium full of people when the towers fell. The whole room gasped, went quiet then everyone cried. (tearing up still) It was one of the most emotional experiences of my life. As the world started to unravel over the next few weeks many of my Muslim friends called to reassure me they were not terrorists. They were scared. I worked with many of them for years and knew they were good, hardworking people trying to make a better life for their families just like me. I worried for them when the calls for revenge started. We all were scared and heartbroken.
As a nation and a world I think we are still suffering from PTSD. It seems to me that we haven’t taken the necessary steps to reflect, understand, reconnect or express our sadness and love to those who need to hear it. Now so much has happened since then I don’t know if we’ll ever really deal with the trauma. Some are lashing out, searching for answers and some cannot form the questions to ask while looking for answers that will never answer the questions..

Since all of this we have lived day to day. While our lives go on we’ve had to cope. We’ve lost loved ones in the mean time. I’ve often hoped that some sort of peace would have been restored before some very important people in my life passed. Now we must live for them and do what we can to bring our world into a better place of tolerance and understanding. Compassion for each other is a good place to start.

Please share your experiences. Maybe we can all help each other understand where our world has gone and how we can find peace and love to lead us into the future.

Thank you.

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