The Labor of the Day

Workers of the world. Unite.

The organizers are all but gone. Some may have had nefarious goals. Most were honest and caring.

Now we divide. We become amoebas; eating, discharging, eating some more and dividing. Filling the space and claiming it for ourselves. No it’s mine don’t come visit.

Me against the world.

Major Divide


Those Pats just don’t understand

there we go

Labels get me down.

Divide em up and keep it cheap

For me ? You’re too kind.

Eat, eat sleep

Locked and secure is my isolation

A primal trigger has been pulled.

Activating my emotional inbalance

I’m being controlled I cannot understand

The message is clear, obvious and a hoax. But it’s not.

Division exists

Sleep, sleep divide

Relentless onslaught of inconsequential

Hasn’t happened to you? Consider

Complaining, frustrated, addicted to the violence on the screen

Asleep at the wheel

You’re everywhere and never at home

Lever pulled

Sleeping while screaming

There’s a kind of hush

A part of the psyche that’s closed off is filled with repetitive violence living in the quiet confines of your soul

Eat, sleep divide

You and maybe you I trust but not you

Workers of the world, unite!

Lever Up

I feel good.








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