My Name is Henry West and I Approve this Message


Yes I am an American and I see this attitude constantly.

It’s embarrassing. ~Mike

(I can’t confirm whether or not New Zealand or the rest of the world feels this way but I do.)

13 thoughts on “My Name is Henry West and I Approve this Message

  1. I am in no way comfortable with Trump in the oval office. I’m more of a Rand Paul libertarian-leaning Republican than a tow the party line conservative, so I disagree with trump on immigration, I loathe his views on women. I really hate the fact that Trump is bloviating about immigration & the wall he’d build to end it rather than saying any about education, the deficit & how we’ll pay it off, or any other important issues.

    1. Election time always brings out the extreme candidates. I’ve been thinking about running. My platform would be let’s give it back to the Indians and go home. But my laziness keeps me here.

      1. I’m of Italian descent…every Columbus day i try to apologize for the fact that Columbus raped the taino Indians, but I was born in Brooklyn, NY so u AM home.

      2. Thank you. “I’m fighting for you America” ugh. Maybe my campaign slogan will be “Let’s go back to Europe or where ever the hell we came from” I wonder if I’d get any votes?

    2. I’m also disturbed by the acceptance by the population of his treatment of immigrants and women there’s something wrong when we accept his point of view.

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