Finding Likers -Liking your Feet


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Good Morning All

Have you tried to respond to likes by liking the likers? I’m sure you have. I follow likers, since, well  they liked my post. Sometimes I cannot find the likers in my followers list but I know they are there. Well just so you know I do appreciate all the likers, commenters and followers. Thank you all for participating in my alter ego Henry West.  My real name is Mike McLean

I tried to start a Feets Appreciation Day last year and had absolutely no luck.

I would like to try it again. Our feet just don’t get the credit they deserve. Sorry it’s not a fetish. I just realize how much I appreciate my feet when I stub my toe or walk on a picker. We often only realize our need for our feet when they are in pain, same with teeth and hands.

Here is some music that may help you reach a decision. We should have the holiday on Wednesday ( a break in the middle of the week to rest our feets) (apologies for the commercials, it’s a Youtube thing.)

Videos from youtube thank you video posters.







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