Finding Likers -Liking your Feet


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Good Morning All

Have you tried to respond to likes by liking the likers? I’m sure you have. I follow likers, since, well  they liked my post. Sometimes I cannot find the likers in my followers list but I know they are there. Well just so you know I do appreciate all the likers, commenters and followers. Thank you all for participating in my alter ego Henry West.  My real name is Mike McLean

I tried to start a Feets Appreciation Day last year and had absolutely no luck.

I would like to try it again. Our feet just don’t get the credit they deserve. Sorry it’s not a fetish. I just realize how much I appreciate my feet when I stub my toe or walk on a picker. We often only realize our need for our feet when they are in pain, same with teeth and hands.

Here is some music that may help you reach a decision. We should have the holiday on Wednesday ( a break in the middle of the week to rest our feets) (apologies for the commercials, it’s a Youtube thing.)

Videos from youtube thank you video posters.






12 thoughts on “Finding Likers -Liking your Feet

  1. I love my feet…every other Tuesday when I get a pedicure; every night when I slather olive oil (it’s an Italian thing) on the Bottoms of them to keep them soft; every time I put flats on (instead of heels) to do some walking.

  2. Oh, hello, Mike. 😀

    I think my feet hates me now. I kill it every day by wearing my favorite high heel boots and never get a foot scrub or a massage. Your feet must be very happy though. 😀

    1. Thanks Diana. No they are ignored and neglected. But I do expect them to work hard everyday. I think women must abuse their feets more than men simply because of the shoes and boots most women wear.

    1. Though the link doesn’t have anything to do with feet. I’m always happy for those who are trying to be in better shape. I do get a laugh out of the difference in men and women photos. The men are displayed dressed and the women are half nude. I suppose that’s the way to sell products.

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