My Daily “Cause Celeb”

Governments ignore it. Our US Congress, President and sadly Michelle has turned their backs on food quality in the US.

Food Safety needs to become a bigger concern for everyone.

Sickness in the System

6 thoughts on “My Daily “Cause Celeb”

  1. Until someone higher up on the ‘food chain’ is affected, we small fries are S.O.L. Washington could care less as long as big business rules the roost. Why scream when you are becoming a multi-millionaire?

    Again, necessary reforms will be swept under the rug and we can hand-off the ticking time bomb to the next generation. UNLESS people are willing to educate themselves and take their knowledge to the ballot box, we will watch as illness after illness plagues the unsuspecting.

      1. Thank you Coffee I will and you too. I agree though we can’t fight the big fight we can make changes in our local area and that can ripple outward. I’m sure that’s why so much money is spent to keep everyone in the dark but we do see and we are here for the long run. Eventually the people will win.

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