Summertime Friday Fun

Some of the music I grew up with….





12 thoughts on “Summertime Friday Fun

  1. quite nice, though a bit to swallow all at once. 🙂 and taxing on my budget android phone, haha! 😦 not that it’s a bad thing at all. just that, I might have missed it otherwise…

    more than the music itself, I’d wanna know more about how you came to hear ’em, and what things come to mind.

    like magic carpet ride, took me back some years just seeing the name ^^ –

    thanks for sharing! be well 🙂

    1. Shortly after I wake up one song or another will come to mind. Music always seems to be floating through my mind. It’s hard to believe I’ve kept these songs around me since the 70s. I have a large record and CD collection. I believe in the health benefits of music. That’s unfortunate about the expense. I don’t have that type of phone, mine is mobile but it’s the freebe from ATT. Yeah it has a rotary dial…. just kidding about the rotary dial. Thanks for commenting on the music. When I was a kid we had a great AM radio station (from Windsor, Canada). CKLW played funk and rock and shook up the whole area.

      1. Having this great music as a kid was a wonderful experience. My sisters and brothers always played a lot of music so i was exposed to a wide variety of sounds.

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