The Everlasting-Know-It-All Looks Back a Little

The dichotomy of The-Everlasting-Know-It-All (The EKIA) must be acknowledged and thought clever.

Warning: Participation in society may cause problems.

Life was so much easier when there were only 5 billion people on the planet. We seemed to have more leg room.

The EKIA readies to take a Drive

Fire up the 2012 leased Toyota. Cracked windshield and the change oil light is on.

It’s summer who gives a fuck. Drive Stanley

Turn on the way. Play a CD. My first car had an eight track player, sitting on the floor attached to the wires hanging from the dash. The speakers were on the back dash in a home made box.

The sound wasn’t perfect but it was loud.

The car was a regular rust bucket. I sanded it and applied bondo where needed. It was never enough. It retained some of its original upscale style. ’68 Mercury Cougar.

Cost me a hundred bucks I remember the day. “Freedom at last”

If you need to ask yes it did have the Philco AM radio. That was probably the most solid thing on the car. Though with a 302 engine my classy jalopy could move. Might have been too much car for a 16 year old but I didn’t think so.

No photos of the event. All before selfies. No pictures of this awkward little bastard with his beat up, multi-colored Cougar. Yes I am very happy about that. No way for anyone to click like or not.

Anyway the Toyota came to life blinking and chirping. Newer cars seem so happy to start all the time. Ready to go….

Put it in (D) drive

More to come.




6 thoughts on “The Everlasting-Know-It-All Looks Back a Little

  1. Cars once had character, heck, now they all resemble one another.
    Put the peddle to the metal and drive, Stanley. Cruise Main Street, grab a burger and a float. I’ll be here waiting for part two…

    1. Thank you. Our car culture has changed but many still love their cars. new cars have their benefits. I’m all for self driving cars. There is something intriguing about having the car do the driving at least for long road trips.

      1. I hear ya! Personally I can’t stand driving freeway traffic. It’s an age thing. I’m that little old lady driving 55 while the rest of the crew are causing at 80.

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