I’m The Everlasting Know-It-All and Nobody Comes to Visit

That’s okay cause I’ll find my enemies online

Sitting in my bunker, high, below the industrial wastelands of the mid-west United States.

My pius rantings fill the room

I am right until I’m not. Prove it if you can. ’cause I ain’t listenin’

“I scroll through your pages I listen to your search for understanding

I can only say you can.”

Back to my ego.

I judge from my protected society

I call into question your motives. If I cared I would already know.

My duplicitous poem is getting out of control

Bathing in my angst and panic I scream at the screens

Screens filled with doom and pornography.

Is there a relation between end of the world journalism and naked women on display? I’ma thinkin’

I hear the knee-jerkers call out everyone —-

You’re Gay! You’re a Homophobe! You’re a racist! You’re a libtard! You’re a Xenophobe! Go back to Russia! Go back to Kenya! Go back to Mexico! Go back to Cuba! Go back to Germany! Go back to China! Go back to Afghanistan!

I need to go back to, So many places. I’ve never been.

You’re Wrong, WRong, WRONG!!!

I hate, hate, hate everybody!

Unless you look like and agree with me. Don’t let me down, here. I’m tryin to work with ya.

Okay you don’t have to look like me but ya better agree or

I’ll troll you silly!

Facebook Bully? Check

Anonymous comments? Check.

Attack you for your looks, hairstyle, religious affiliation, make nasty remarks about your family and friends. You respond? I’ll never reply.

Somehow, can I hurt you, even more?

I’ll sleep well.

Cause I’m right. So effin right.

Defend yourself and if I’m listening I’ll laugh and call you a liar.

Cause that makes me real.

This world is too big and out of my control. So I must

Attack Attack Attack!!

A knock on the door… “Honey, come up it’s time for dinner.”

Whew ! I’ve got to stop surfing the internet while drinking espresso.

The Everlasting Know It All shuts down for the evening.



Happy Weekend Everyone.


Stay tuned for the next exciting episode…… The Everlasting Know It All Takes a Drive—- Road Rage? You ain’t seen notin yet.

9 thoughts on “I’m The Everlasting Know-It-All and Nobody Comes to Visit

  1. Too funny! Let it rip…I did just that this past week. I wound up deleting three of my posts for the simple reason that the person I was giving kudos and high-fives to, in the end, said I was spamming him. He was a genius, literally, but sadly, as most geniuses are wont to do, he couldn’t get down on my level to see that I was trying to promote his work.

    Go for it Henry! Shout it from the mountaintops. An opinion is a persons personal take, their perspective on how they see “it.” If someone is ‘done in by the heat in the kitchen’ they shouldn’t try frying their fish on our personal homesteads.


    1. Thank you Coffeegrounded! I laugh with you. I can relate to your response. It seems whenever I talk with someone or make a joke I’m knifing the person I’m speaking to. I know joking doesn’t really work in text but I find it’s not working anymore when talking. I could just have no sense of humor or timing. Though I don’t think my heart belongs on my sleeve and my identity can’t fit on my bumper sticker. Sometimes, in small ways, we have to release the pressure of hypersensitivity. -Come what may.
      I’ve seen people go completely loopy over a slight or an opinion, I have to stand back and write it all down. I think it’s too much sugar and saturated fat in their diets.

      1. OMG! Yes, folks get a little too worked up when we don’t agree. I have simply called it quits on the bull of being politically correct. If we can have a Black Friday sale then I think we are entitled to a Tuesday White sale. Saturday sales should honor our sister and brothers from the Jewish and Mormon faiths etc., I also think that if our Nation was founded by English speaking settlers we have the right to expect all who live hear to use English as our first language.
        Obviously I could rant all evening long, but I’m going to be banned for using my rights as an American citizen so I best just go to bed.
        Paint me red, white and blue, throw fifty stars on me and thirteen stripes and call me in the morning.

      2. Yeah those Pats don’t understand us Mikes. I think we should be more concerned with tolerance and respect than the color, nationality and religion of others. Too many labels.

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