Conspiracy Theories Run Amok!

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Hey All

Have you ever noticed that there are those who say the end is near and tell you to bury gold and precious metals, horde cash, collect food and when the excrement hits the oscillator to head for the hills?

Ya ever notice that?

Well my wife and I were talking about it this weekend, since it seemed to be the topic around the neighborhood.

We’ve thought of a new model, a new plan.

How about stay and help.

How about share?

How about teach others things that will help them survive?

How about learning how to survive from your neighbors?

It’s not as much fun as walking dead or game of thrones or a host of other end of the world calamity scenarios.

However we live in real life. We should stay together and help each other.

I know it’s not as sexy as blood spurting, flesh eating, shooting people or hard core sex in the streets but it’s real life.

In my mind it’s highly unlikely that anything close to a melt down of society will even happen. If it does let’s help each other.

Though the fear mongers want you to buy the books, buy the DVDs, and sign up for the newsletterImage Source:

Sorry I’d rather help. I’d rather gather food for everyone. I’d rather work together and rebuild the community.

I do believe that these conspiracy zombies will be the problem and they will not be the solution.

Right now they are selling books and videos like crazy. Filling readers with angst and panic.

As an alternative how about growing fruits and vegetables? a little urban farm? A couple of plants of beans or strawberries…  It’s not a big production it’s easy.

Being pleasant to your neighbor is pretty easy. Maybe say hi? Hi Joe what do ya know? Hi Ann my name’s Sam. That kind of thing. You’d be surprised.

So don’t get too excited with all the conspiracies that tell of the doom of human society. Those who shout it have shouted it since the beginning.

I enjoy a good conspiracy. Aliens are among us, Vapor trails? Flouride in the water? There are condos on Mars? ? Who shot JR? and etc… good stuff and fun as an academic exercise. But nothing else.

Be at peace. Practice Love. Enjoy your day.

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9 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories Run Amok!

    1. Thank you. I believe there are so many more…. you included. Sadly good deeds go unreported. They’re just not as tantalizing. I know there is so much more good in the world than what some will have us believe. All the negatoids want panic and fear it gives them a feeling of purpose. In their minds they are righteous but in reality they are the greedy, the vengeful and the uncaring.

  1. Pensieri rivoluzionari sono i pensieri di pace lo insegnano grandi uomini da Gandhi a ML.Ling. Eppure è così difficile entrare in empatia con il nostro vicino.
    Rispetto condivisione empatia farebbero noi tutti migliori.
    Sherabientot 🌷🍀🌹

  2. Hi Henry. Some of the conspiracy theories do make a lot of sense. And amongst the crap. There could be some truth! Thank you very much for liking my poem That moment Of Birth! Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

    1. You are right. I do believe most are based in some sort of truth. I don’t think vapor trails are poisoning the population but I do know (a solid assumption anyway) that in both England and the US air dispersal of certain bio weapons were sprayed in urban centers. I do believe that the US landed on the Moon but while the surface is photographed via probes I do not see the junk we left there. A good conspiracy theory must be based in truth for it to gain acceptance. In the cases of JFK, 9/11 and Pearl Harbor many theories can grow. Some are more acceptable than others Thanks for checking in and have a great weekend.

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