session66 Mad Madie in the yard


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17 responses to “session66 Mad Madie in the yard

  • coffeegrounded

    Do you do production work for film?

  • henrywest

    Thank you “Likers” I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to listen.

  • Giovannoni Claudine

    … While I’m tied in a double knot to classical music! Do you make this kind of movie even on the notes of Beethoven or Mendelssohn?
    It is really special …
    🙂 c

    • henrywest

      Thank you. I would. In Garage Band it’s mostly tunes they provide and then I can compile them into something. Some of the music and singing are notes I made in garage band I don’t think there are any chords from the classical masters.

      • Giovannoni Claudine

        My son is trying to realize the “main-theme” (on piano) for a character of my latest novel… is gorgeous to view his improvisation… and I think that is very different from using a specific program (if I understand it, the Garageband is a program to create music on your PC). Forgive me, I am not a technological… nice having met you. Serenity :-)c

      • henrywest

        It’s a lot different. Your son is using talent and so much more, I’m only using timing and a sense of sound relationship. You and your son are trying to make “a new” piece which requires much more than i am capable of. I listen, place and listen again. I am pretty much placing existing notes and sounds on the measure. The Garage Band software is a MAC product I think it’s still standard on Apple computers. It might provide a “rough draft” for an original score. But for original work I don’t think it will work very well. I wish you and your son the best in realizing your main theme. I look forward to hearing more.

      • Giovannoni Claudine

        ❤ thank you… now I really got it clear! Serenity :-)c

  • Faraday's Candle

    This is a reminder of the cult movies that captivates us. You are heading in the right direction and we look forward to more. Good luck.

    • henrywest

      Thank you so much. I am a fan of most cult movies. I hope to have more music up presently. I’m thinking of another song. I’ve also put together DVD/CD discs and am now considering how to market them. Thanks for your comments and interest.

  • sherazade

    “I’ve worked on a couple of films and I’ve worked in video and music production for a long time”
    This why u so clever. Ciao!

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