I am so bored with The Zombie.

Another version of The Vampire will truly be exhausting.

A flying zoom in for dramatic effect. A mega-explosion while The Super Heroes glee.

So happy we are of all of us.

The Supernatural may be beautiful but it brings me down.

Throw in the sex scene, you know the one where you can see just about everything, especially facial expressions.

Sprinkle in the gory, shock value and another flying zoom to drive it home. Ninety minutes up already?

No plot to speak of… he loves her, she loves him, she loves her, he loves him, he loves him, him, her and she loves her, him and… you can go as far as you like sex is free.

Mix in a flawed hero, anti-hero, diabolical criminal, evil drug dealer…

Bake with a touching back story of love gone wrong and you have all the motivation you need.

Cause that’s what we expect. Take us over the line of assault, aggression and sexual dysfunction. Shock us even more. Still it’s better than the Roman Colosseum, I think.

Style it up with magnificent technology, sexy gore, vengeful retribution and creepy comforts.

The appeal to my base desires compel me to watch.

If I were President Kennedy I’d say “Ich bin ein Voyeur.”

I’ll be back.

13 thoughts on “Let’s

  1. The things we create to keep us entertained are baseless and should be considered nothing more than ‘bubblegum’ for brains. We are seeking refuge from the everyday, day-in-day out monotony that this fast paced world demands of us. It’s an ‘easy’ market. Reading the book (if there is one) allows the person to create their own take on what the author was thinking.

  2. “Throw in the sex scene, you know the one where you can see just about everything, especially facial expressions.”

    Yes, but the expressions are never *real* sex expressions. I have never seen a real come face on the big screen… (presuming the sex scene is a representation of a consensual act, natch). 😉

      1. Also, the “auto-glide” effect, with nary a fumble or an assisting grope in order to position or guide pink bits into pink bits. One of these days, it’ll happen to me and when I write about it, I’ll link to you. 😉

      2. Haha please do. At least we can take comfort knowing that in film everyone has perfect sex. If not we must be watching a horror movie.

  3. You’ve got a good point. I feel you just reeled out the entire story line of The Twilights movie series..lol, but heck who wants to watch real life when we see it everyday.
    So yes, we still love the cliché cause its not real

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