Yeah, well no, okay




Yup I haven’t been there.

Though I’ve seen it on your blog, you world traveler you.

I’ve traveled vicariously through your pictures and words.

I’d love to visit.

But don’t expect me anytime soon.

Cause I’m hard pressed to go anywhere. Neither illness nor disability keep me at bay.

I perform the required activities to pay the rent and pleasantries, to be social.

I don’t seem to have the desire to remove myself from study, contemplation, art and thoughts of The Universe.

I am insanely fortunate. I am thankful

I feel like a pillar of good will sending out the vibe around the world.

When traveling I always feel at home.

If I were to visit I’d travel by boat. A freighter to Northern Europe or Africa and a cruise line to Asia or South America.

The ocean is the route for me. Give me time to absorb the salt air and the vast, intensity of the ocean. Allow me a month or two on the high seas. I wish to experience the very large.

Maybe my ideal comes from growing up on the St. Clair River which runs somewhat north and south between Lake St. Clair and Lake Huron it acts as an international border between Michigan, USA and Ontario, Canada. The St. Clair River is part of a network of global shipping lanes through the Great Lakes which brings goods and resources from around the world to the U.S and from the U.S. to the world. From dreams of being part of the crew to the nightmare of shipwrecks I’m inspired by the risk and the beauty. The magnificent ships travel the world and slowly pass through my neighborhood.

21 thoughts on “Yeah, well no, okay

  1. Vicariously, I traveled to the area of those shipping channels, and ventured in deep thought to the hundreds of shipwrecks that lay forgotten below me. Those lives lost, now mangled and their coffin of steel and wood, the only reminder of a journey cut short.

    We dream of stealing away, bound for exotic journey; mine up the golden Nile, perhaps, Euphrates. Our desire is to lay witness to what was once another’s, if only to claim in as ours in a whisper of time.

    Seriously, I hope you lay anchor at ports you’ve dreamed of seeing. Live for the desire to see and be at that horizon.

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