Winter’s Trance

Music compiled with Garage Band. I manipulated the image of the “Henry Westminster” street sign with Final Cut 7 video effects.

12 thoughts on “Winter’s Trance

    1. Thank you. I love having the access to Garage Band music. It’s pretty cool when you can pick and chose samples from over 5000 music samples any way you want. Thanks for visiting.

      1. Le mie scuse Google Translate non funziona molto bene.
        Mi piace “C’era una volta il West”, ma i suoi film successivi sono troppo per me.

        My apologies Google Translate doesn’t work that well.
        I like “Once upon a time in the West” but his later movies are too much for me.

    1. Thank you. I do not speak Turkish. Though I’m always attracted to what I don’t know. The song has a beautiful rhythm and inspired very good feelings. Can you tell me about the song?

      1. This is wonderful. I love this type of music. It has a great feel to it. Thank you so much for the link. Your insight and knowledge has been one of the greatest benefits to having a blog. Thank you

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