We Are Here…


…to feel the sand in our toes.

… to feel the glance of desire.

…to suffer the pain.

…to suffer hope.

…to see the green of the grass.

…to witness birth.

…to feel the wind.

…to return a smile.

…to taste greed.

…to know envy.

…to watch the weather.

…to hear.

…to grow.

…to be cold.

…to hate.

…to learn.

…to strive.

We are here to experience it all.

We are here to be a memory and a voice.

We are here to love.

We are here to participate.

We are here to stand witness before God and the Universe

25 thoughts on “We Are Here…

  1. “We are here to love.
    We are here to participate.”
    Ti rispondo con la dolcezza di questo pensiero

    “«Si è sempre in cammino verso la persona alla quale un giorno si darà un bacio».

    Sándor Márai, “Il gabbiano”


  2. We are here to experience it all and to participate!… Powerful verses!. I may join you with the proposal!. Best wishes & Happy week to you ⭐ Aquileana 😀

    1. Thank you. I’ve been overwhelmed recently with the thought that we are here specifically to witness the Universe and to put it all to words and feelings, whether good or bad. The Universe and God need us to express all the wonders we experience. We are the voices of the infinite.

    1. So True. Thank you for your response. It’s too easy for us to forget our gifts when we get overwhelmed by the day to day. I found that making a habit of thankfulness and compassion toward others makes every day easier and more enjoyable.

      1. I love that idea, Henry, and practice it as well. No one said it was going to be easy, which is why we work hard to reap the rewards. 🤗😊

  3. We all are here to participat all things.u r true.dis is true definition of life..
    We are here to standing to witness before God n universe ….amazing n most impressive wordings.

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