Just around the Corner

Due to wifi we are instantly informed, more aware and more responsive. For better or worse, better me thinks, these technological advances allow many to be heard.

Looking forward as the struggle continues, we approach every new year with a new attitude, new hope and new dreams. We’ll have many of the same issues and brand new ones. How we approach these issues will be a reflection of who we are and who we want to be. As humanity we’ll continue to push that boulder up the hill.

So much to learn and so little time.  The ticking continues. The planet spins and we learn more about the universe every day. Internal and external the universe contracts and expands. You feel it I know. It’s in your lungs, your spine and at the end of the day  in your feet . We expand we contract.

I am not brave enough to walk in your shoes. The best to you my somewhat anonymous reader. Life is born of suffering. My heart goes out to you. Living in a hell imposed by man. I love you. It may be brave to say it hardly as brave as you.

For each moment of evil there are many moments of good.

The best we can do is deliberate, discuss and participate in making this our only place a better place to live. As we experience so many ups and downs we do seem to be getting a little better, nano steps for sure but it’s getting better.

To you a moment of peace, a moment of love and a moment of joy.


10 thoughts on “Just around the Corner

    1. You are correct. We can condemn Humankind for the evil it has brought and we can praise it for the good. Ultimately we are here and have to figure it out. I think we’ve figured out the evil part.

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