Considering Change

Fortunately we are not obliged to live in the decisions or phraseology of the past. We can move forward and out of the old mindsets. Considering games, insensitivity, micro-aggression and inequality I don’t think an organization or government can put out policies that will inspire change or really do what needs to be done.

We are overwhelmed by past policies that did not work. We are underwhelmed by the lack of responses for critical needs. I think people are suffering from I give up-ness.
As we have seen organization or government policies, though hopefully with the best intentions, seem to inspire resentment or at best cynicism. Only groups and individuals successfully bring about change. Though in this country a ground swell might happen, but it takes work. All causes are compromised by mass media or used as sound bites by politicians. I do remember when Rap music was first used in tennis shoe ads. How do you wipe out social criticism in 60 seconds tie it to a product. Rock music was anti establishment until it was tied to Kool-aide. Oh yeah! Yes my bit of cynicism. I do appreciate that every thing has to help, there are just some things that don’t help.

My point, if we truly want change we have to live it everyday. We have to inspire those around us. We have to lead the cause without compromise or collusion. To lead any cause in modern society you have to be willing to give up everything. Reconsidering or arguing about the past is like trying to decide if it was right for the British to send Lenin back to Moscow during World War I. It got the Russians out of the war but..


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