So many Saturday nights always the same game

Crazy legs walks in. Looking over the place she quickly knew where to begin.

She walked over to the toughest looking mug in the bar, faced him and made her challenge. “Two out of three $100 dollars. Leg wrestle on the floor. “

The man laughed so hard he fell off his chair. He couldn’t get up right away and now was faced with a choice. He could stay down or he could try to get up. He stayed and lay flat on his back. She smirked and lay next to him, her feet to his head. They knew the game it’s big in these parts.

He knew his 400 pound girth would keep him on the floor no matter what. 1.2.3. He found himself slightly air born, somewhat dizzy and hit the ground more like a thud. She moved, quickly eyeing her prey, into position while he tried to stop the spinning of the room. 1.2.3. He felt as if he was standing until the ground raced to his face. He rolled over and only heard the laughter in the room. What the…? Did I? Two of his buddies came over to help him up. “Boy what a way to lose a hundred dollars” Crazy Legs just watched the men try and figure out what just happened. She’d get her money. She then scanned the crowd looking for her next victim. She found “the mark”. He didn’t know it yet but he was in for a little air time. The buddies came over laughing and giggling. “Man I’d pay another hundred to see that again!” Crazy Legs smiled and took the money. She gave the bartender a twenty. As the crowd calmed down she could see the eyes of those who were considering taking her on. She took a quick shot of carrot juice and waited. The earlier “mark” made his way over to her. She ignored him while he eyed then asked the question. “You think you can take me?” She sideways glanced. “Yup” He started to get a little hot under the collar. “Well let’s go.” Alcohol and laughter circled around them. The floor cleared. She was getting quite a carrot juice rush while “the mark” slowly negotiated the ground. 1.2.3.

So many Saturday nights always the same game

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