Adolf’s Shadow

The legacy once hidden, forgotten now come to light.

The joy of unacknowledged treachery made a planet rich.

Fascism from the early part of the previous century once swept away and blamed on Hitler has now found a home in the early part of this century.

Tyranny blamed on Hirohito and practiced by so many, ignored.

Compassion is stated, refused, and stated nonetheless.

In your name others are killed.

Dazzling worldwide nationalism is back and so shinny and new.

The might of weapons and law will keep you in line.

The fog of feudal beauty  -know your place and you’ll know comfort. Obey the rules and you won’t disappear. (Maybe, things do change)

The dazzling, worldwide explosions of country specific patriotism invite you to join the event (bask in hate)

Assume the choice, assume the peace

Celebrate your impotence, choice has limits.

Celebrate your inadequacy and save your honor to scream at strangers on social media and flip off the driver next to you

Your only real choice now gone. Your only real choice unknown to you

Striving to stay on the right side of your privilege, status is adjusted daily. -Don’t slip

The state turns its eye to you. The controllers may call in the debt.

The mask of the legacy has been removed. More will be known and never mentioned.

Dance happy and accuse the others. It’s all so clean and corrupt on the inside.

Panic Nation. Your colors confirmed

Freedom of choice is no freedom at all.

Knee deep and possibly no way out

Your freedom is tyranny or fascism. Choose wisely.






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