Ann Arbor Cat Napper Page 5

Booooots! Where are you?

It seems like everyone is looking for their cat. A distraught, young woman was cautiously, stepping through a small yard. “Boots, Woo hoo” she cooed.

As Jim approached he could see that she had been crying. He didn’t know how to ask her about her missing cat, he assumed it was a cat.  He was close enough to the manager’s place and considered calling for Cuddles. but that’s not how a professional would handle it. Jim was getting back to normal after the morning’s visit from that idiot manager. But the bastard offered him a job, the insults and slapping were free, that took some of the pressure off and being out of the apartment helped.

Meanwhile digging in the hedges the lady, didn’t look up and said. “Hey! Have you seen a black and white cat?”

Jim started to reply and was quickly interrupted. “She never goes far…I don’t know what is going on…” She trailed off while pulling her face out of the shrubs. “I’ve got to get to work. That damn cat!”

Jim did something he never did before, he offered help.

“Look I’m going to be in the neighborhood for awhile, I’m looking for a cat also.” He said.
She looked him over like a judge who is just about to pass sentence. She spoke slowly and a little sideways. “You lookin’ for a cat? I’ve never seen you around here before.”

“I hardly ever come to this neighborhood but I only live a couple of blocks away.” He wanted her to know it was okay. He could be trusted to hold onto Boots if he found her.

“Why are you here anyway?” She said.

“Someone I know lost their cat and he hired me to find it.”

At that point she got the strangest look on her face. He thought she was either going to fall down or hit him.

She recovered and continued, “what’s your name?”

“Jim, but my friends call me Jim.” He tried his very old joke to lighten the mood.

She repeated her earlier look. “Is that funny?”

Jim just couldn’t get it together today. What the hell. He’d rather go home and smoke some medicine.

“I love my cat. If I lose her I don’t know what I’ll do.” Jim heard that before. “I do have to get to work. Why don’t you call me if you find her?”

Jim could tell she didn’t like him. He was used to that. Nobody really seemed to like him. That he couldn’t figure out. But he’d worry about that another time.

He said, “I can do that.” She cautiously gave him the number of the used book store where she worked. She never gave her cell number out, especially to men. The creeps usually would call late and drunk.

Jim started to look around. She turned to go into her apartment and turned, “what’s the name of the cat you are looking for?”

“Cuddles.” Jim said. “Do you know the name?”

“Shit. Yeah I know that cat.” She walked away a little faster. Jim knew that he didn’t have a chance to follow up with a question.

She stopped suddenly and said, “that guy and that girl used to fight over that damn cat. I called the cops one night when he had the cat by the neck and was hanging it out the window. That girl was screaming, she sounded like someone was strangling a frog. I couldn’t sleep for a week after that.”

Jim watched her walk up the stairs. He wanted to say something to get her to stop and tell him more. Being the quick witted genius that he is, he could only say.

“Cuddles… Woo hoo. Boots here puss puss.”

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