The Ann Arbor Cat Napper

The Detective finished his last dose of medical marijuana. He needed another case or he would have to get a job. He climbed to the roof of the southwest side apartment complex. 32 efficiency apartments, one hundred a week. Hell students wouldn’t even bother looking at the place during the late summer rush to find housing. Good for them this was no place for kids. Jim dropped out of college in the late 90s. No specialty there, he was bored. He liked the night life in Ann Arbor but after a decade he was depressed. He didn’t like being the oldest person in the room.  He knew that the students made fun of him but he had the connections for the best weed in town. That helped with the flow of friends. The friends he had earlier moved away and got on with their lives. His long ago girlfriend moved back to China when she graduated. He had no idea where she was but thought of her every day.

As Jim would say, enough with character development let’s get high. Once again he sat alone and looked over the city. He watched the dusky evening turn into a quiet night. He heard a noise in the backyard and turned……


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