The Shadow of Love

The stage was dark as the anticipation grew

The spotlight smiles upon sparkling eyes One group and the next.

The perpetual fan base must be renewed


The light moves on

The walk away is only a metaphor for an emotional disconnect

It’s not you it’s the moment. It’s just a reaction to each early, unrelated betrayal.

Memory can’t define it.

Love is a shallow pool to be used as a temporary fix, to sprinkle upon the faithful

just now just gone

The light leaves a shadow

Strolling through my reinvention

Those who really care are now the left behind

It’s so easy to never say good bye

It’s so easy without a past

Welcome to my heart deep and intense

Best friends for a moment I’ll remember you until tomorrow

The love is fleeting as the smile turns away

You’re always invited

You’ll never reach me but visit anyway.

I’ve gotta go now


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