Just here

Just a moment please it’s time to reboot.

The internet is slowed due to web-ware

The whole thing slows down while the big multi media ads load

Overwhelmed by trivia I wait to click outta here

The search for information is often delayed by unknown and unrequested information processing

Copying my click history, psychographic (e)valuation

What do I want to purchase, which ads will I be inspired to click? Does that fit the profile?

I hope not to be construed a (t)errorist. Random clicks could lead to trouble

State your business and be concise. Apply your protective filters, censor your keyboard

It’s just the web, as massive, as local, as friendly, as tragic

The trade off. I can find everything about anything (once the ads load)

I’ve talked to and heard from people all over the Earth

Planetary wide connections fortunately translated to english

Just here for just a moment


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