Push back

A promise for the moment. The present is my only reality. Yesterday’s a fiction. Tomorrow may arrive.

I pledge to believe. I pledge to hope. To promise to avoid cynicism.

I won’t laugh at you. I won’t give you the whatever! I won’t sneer or complain.

I will live for the truths you tell me.

Your view of events will be different. I’ll take your point of view and mix it happily with mine. To achieve a consensus. somewhat close to reality.

I don’t expect that you will not be cynical. I don’t want you to try. When it happens in your heart it will be.

I’ll apply my protective filter and my knowledge of the human condition. Limited as they may be.

I’ll accept what you say and do as if from multiple points until the truth shows through.

When only joy shows behind your smile. When only compassion shows behind your eyes.

When good will guides your hand. You’ll know. You’ll live it.

It’s a hope. It’s a goal. It’s a step, each one bringing me just that much closer.

Sometimes backtracking to start again. anew with eyes open.

Cynicism is persistent.  The journey is tough and at times lonely. No longer will I enjoy the joke.

That particular comedy must end. Happiness isn’t cold.

This plastic. thin life isn’t reality at all.

There is more to the stranger who may need assistance. One moment of compassion is the next step to achieve. Even when cynicism is laughing, each step is a foundation.

I pledge to remember what I already know. I pledge to not be wrapped up in this cellophane reality.

I may fail at times. Though I may laugh with the rest. I might enjoy your pain, I’ll regret it. I’ll not let that be the reason to fail again. I’ll push back.

I’ll over compensate and balance to some sort of normal.

I’ll assume good intent.

Each success brings me closer. I hope each failure doesn’t take me further away.

For me it’s a challenge. It’s a reason to persist.

The push back against cynicism has to be personal since cynicism feels so damn good.



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