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reconciliation possible, reconciliation within

Our mistakes share a path with our past mistakes

looping replay

Is it true….. no way

We slide back only to find the warmth to rationalize the emotion, to answer the why


every moment become new, we are changed

be zen in your practice

be free with the extra

we are memory animals, we must pass it along

devices have no memory when the battery dies access denied

we can move memory if we are brave enough for interpretation

memories fade once internal reconciliation is made

human memory is soft

digital memory is hard

I don’t like digital memory

digital memory cannot emotionally reconcile

maybe if it could viruses might not exist

wildlife doesn’t need to reconcile its needs are true

we move we love we chance

every moment of everyday is a risk and a joy

we can forgive transgressors we must forgive ourselves

to mistake is to live to mistake is to learn

to learn is to bliss


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