Netterton Abby

click streaming through many pages

a couple of billion links to my query … random algorithms spin their principle to the top … enticing

a dimension of its own the internet is the wormhole with one great option, there are many off ramps for visiting

I stopped at Netterton Abby it’s around hit number 4,523,948 Where was it really? I can’t say. A page, a location, a physical location? No. Just out there

Checking the links, clicked in clicked out a temporary look then jump off

this collection of binary provides access to other voices from around the world

visual instances from a point of view to be believed or not

the distribution of ones and zeros, light and dark become an emotional real. It’s the unreal that is real. Still it is merely an image and a past.

it’s a wonderful collection of smiling faces, cats, information and art. And it does have its dark side. collectively we have been there.

it invites all extremes, it invites all laughter, it invites all video tutorials and things for sale

my quest to understand will continue

There is so much more to this technology, this electron universe


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