The Netters

An overwhelming tide impresses many images onto my mind. The impressions are recorded and saved, causing a slight vibration to my psyche. It’s something like a low level  tremor from an earthquake.  The screen lights, the form, colors and layout are pleasing. There is something slightly off. The identity of the displeasure is just out of reach. Being connected invokes a thin happiness. The barely noticeable sense of pain and loss are no match for the entertaining value. The excessive amount of information is staggering. It changes and we change. It’s exotic. We are invited. Consistently adaptable we only need the idea.

It’s only real if it’s on the screen.

The idea of an electronic page has no relation to a page of the traditional um, type. The word page, is used to provide a way in, to understand. The electronic page is designed for human interaction, born out of the need to form a manageable area out of numbers. The page interface allows us the ability to control and monitor the development of the page and a portion of the web. We are the great adapters. Ten of millions of people have built pages.


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