Blogging blogging blog

What can I place here that will be hit, liked and followed? What can I write about?

Can I pitch inspiration? Should I post ranting and raving? Can I be honest enough to express my own mortality through my frustration of the general state of things? Am I really frustrated?

What can I say to move you to respond? Is my ego strong enough to demand your click? How about a survey? Do you strongly agree or disagree? On a scale from 1 to 5…

I churn, fold, spindle and mutilate my experiences to attempt a clever line. I don’t really have anything to say.

My mind is overwhelmed by the hope of experiencing all that I see in two dimensions in three dimensions. I feel the pang of want. There is so much and none of it is mine. Gimme, take, gimme, take. The rhythm gimmetake, gimmetake, gimmetake chugs in the background while I spend more time on the web then anything else, ever. It’s become so normal now…. naturally so plugged in. My daily actions have tried to emulate the speed of the web.

I rest only my fingers on the keys… surfing is in opposition to accomplishment. I gather information and trivia. The web carries everything that can be represented in electronic form. Light and dark. Shadows and Fog. It’s all on the other side. I’m only a temporary voyeur. Click away.

My existence can only be verified by one claim…

I was here before it existed.


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