Breath Deep


Click, double click, scroll

back lit text, back lit images pushed

under foot leaves crunch, in the breeze bugs sound, birds fly and squirrels play


a sound, a branch, a trees’ shade


Draft saved at 7:10:51 pm.

click, scroll, click click

written, reading, watching, answers to questions I’ve never posed. habitual search

an offense, a smile, an offense, a smile

double click, scroll, click click

a payoff, an emotional inclusion. now I are we

Like me to facebook, to twitter, to so many others

no fear for the downvote, the un like, the less than polite response to my ingenious words work

my identity on your screen is hopefully ambiguous at best, as it is to me.

my click stream, search history, bookmarks, visited sites are kept somewhere, is it me?

my image on the security cam looks like anyone else. is it me?

my clickable schizophrenia scares me, if it defines me then I have no chance for redemption.

am I my computer name and address? Is the firewall to keep me in?

Logoff shut down

Breath breath deep, air


How long until the avatar is off my shoulder?

my focus changes from a fine point to a wide open space

access to a world of billions of everything is as thrilling as it is uncomfortable

However all consuming, the on and off switches are still available.

Moments can be unpowered.


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