I awoke abruptly at 4 AM

That menacing, full-faced moon was staring into my window.

I turned away ignoring its inquiry.

“What are you doing?”

“What’s your security?”

the Moon said, wondering aloud

“Don’t ask me now.” I said, “I’m asleep”

The Moon laughed and called me a fool

“Wait a minute, you’re the moon What do you care?”

After a pause, the Moon said, “I hope you know you are carrying on. The questions are from you not me.

Like you said I am the Moon I don’t care.

I just float around following the earth and you interrupted me.

I have a decent job, security and more or less a peaceful nature.

You are the one who is menacing me.

I wasn’t staring into your window. What am I a peeping moon?

Go back to sleep and let me finish my job.

You have to deal with the future.”

I awoke abruptly at 4AM


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