“I’m fighting for my survival, damn it, for your survival.”

The piercing, wild eyes stared at me.

As he spoke, he moved his hands as if they were chained.

“I did it because the end is near, no not the biblical end -asshole”

“I mean the destruction of home.”

He threw the cup across the room it met the wall and rolled down to the floor without breaking.

He screamed as if he’d just won a victory,

“Those who destroy shall pay” – he spoke piously  – “I am the merchant the dealer of the cards of truth, I claim a million followers and we do what we think is necessary.”

Next we were in his car, powered by a recently converted, biofuel engine, consuming used grease and berries – emissions were pure -the alchemist nodded

He told me all about it while he flattened the tires on an earth mover. It’s got to end now. He drained the oil into a chemical, separating container.

It was time to go


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