Please Ban Me In China

I support the Hong Kong Protesters.

I support Taiwan and Tibet Independence and much more.

I support independence for Kashmir

I support the protesters in Iraq and around the world.

I support the Kurds.

I’m saddened that Free people must hide their freedom to some countries and silence themselves in some countries.

We should not have to live down to security states or tyrannical powers.

Freedom for all

Privacy for all

Power to the people




Dirty Sheets and Clean Dreams

They claim to protect the Constitution of the United States. What they really protect is their quasi-fascist ideology, that is, if you don’t agree with them you are the enemy. Civil debate once was encouraged. Now it’s war. Show the children how easy it is to kill. Hey kids watch Uncle shoot up the mall. Doesn’t he look good in his working class, designer camo? Don’t you wanna be like him?

They are armed and they intend to do harm. They find euphoria in intimidation. They find love in their shared hate.

The “working class” is now the trigger for the guns of the rich. Their target is the Constitution and Democracy itself. And they plan to destroy them and all who stand in the way.

Chaos is the only way to salvation.

As Rasputin believed you can only receive redemption after you’ve sinned. So sin and sin big to receive big redemption.

Fascism is around the world. It’s enticing the disenfranchised. It’s given light by government officials and business leaders. It’s America. It’s the dissatisfied baby boomer. It’s the lonely. It’s those who blame.

The warmth of hate. The ease of closing one’s heart.

We live in a hyper-reality where violence is the only option. No talk. No diplomacy. Spill blood.

We have a new Christ. He is strong. He fights. He hates. He’ll kill your sick, your weak, your huddled masses. The New Christ has no time for them, no place for them.

The New Christ doesn’t care. He is righteous and you are wrong.

Make way for The New, Shinny Christ. He’s dressed. He’s blond. He looks like you. He’s got the ammo to take out the non believers.

He feels your pain, he knows you can and he’ll make everything great again from the glittering city on the hill with a thousand points of light.

The New, Shinny, Christ hates the environment. It’s not clean. It’s not controlled. Its destruction now complete -everyone can move back to the factory. The masses will have screens telling them how wonderful they are. Showing pictures of the haves. Showing scenes of the natural beauty of an earth that no longer exists. Porn for every occasion.

If one gets frustrated the gun will be at hand.

Die in a blaze of glory.

Stalin said one death a tragety a million a statistic.

Who are we to argue. The tide has turned and we are choking in a sea of micro plastics.

Ah fuck it, turn on the screen and get high.

Can You

Boycott Facebook,

Boycott Instagram,

Boycott Twitter?

Are you

Sick of Rage,

Sick of Anger?

Is there

Life beyond the screen?

Do you

Realize the manipulation?

Is social media acknowledgement your only validation?

Shut it down for a minute, an hour, a day. Maybe for the week.

Find Peace.

Remember those who love you.

Remember those you love.

Prison is a Must


Purdue Pharma,

Purdue Pharma. Purdue Pharma L.P. is a privately held pharmaceutical company owned principally by descendants of Mortimer and Raymond Sackler.
Key people: Dr. Craig Landau
Native name: Purdue Pharmaceuticals L.P

Johnson & Johnson,

Every board member,

Every marketer,

Every Doctor,

Who pushed opioids MUST GO TO JAIL

Our court system is only charging fines. These people need prison time.

I Won’t Believe the Lies -Rolling Thunder of Lies

Our great winner now has the Taliban calling for world wide attacks, After is insanely stupid invite to camp david. What a jack ass.

Offering Iran 15 billion to honor the nuclear treaty —Costing us much more than just leaving the plan alone.

Kim Un is firing ballistic missiles

Mexico ain’t payin for the wall….and they tain’t lovin it.

Good Job at Winning you effin idiot

Tweeting secret satellite imagery to the world. Others would be serving time in Leavenworth for that.

Exposing our agent to Putin. Dick Cheney move to say the least. Remember Valerie Plume?

Lying about his response to 9/11.

Remember he also said he saw Arabs in New Jersey celebrating the attack on television. Another lie.

Lying about just about everything.

Why all the lies?

Really who cares if he got it wrong and Alabama was not in Dorian’s path. What effin difference does it make?

I hope the un-slimed Republicans can put up a good primary fight. I think that party will be destroyed if they don’t. There are good Republicans out there unfortunately they are in no place to be heard.


Go Warren and Sanders.

By the way both B. Clinton and G.W. Bush gave up trying to get bin Laden. Obama did not give up and he got him.

Time to Stop

Active Attackers are cowards living in fear and they are usually bullies.

Our Government is filled with cowards living in fear and when confronted they are bullies.

Sound familiar?

I’m calling on Michigan’s Senators to stand up and be counted. Or Resign!

Tom Peters

Debbie Stabenaw

However they are cowards. They have hidden behind the Democratic Party and are an embarrassment to the citizen of Michigan. Not a word from them on Gun violence and many other issues. They are just puppets who vote whichever way the Post-Clinton wind is blowing. That wind is gone. It’s time to get away from these old rank and file, perfunctory, do-nothings. They are part of the rolling political machine seen in both parties. This machine must be destroyed and taken apart piece by piece.

We voted for them to make the change. They have not.

We need new Democratic representation in Michigan.

These two must be voted out.

The recent Horror


El Paso

This has to end. With or without political support. It’s time for the people to make the change.

Evil 1- Love 0

Bent-nose Don and Moscow Mitch Live in Washington

They have destroyed the very little bit of dignity our country had retained.

Trump/McConnell band of thugs are running the country like Vegas during its early, glory years.

They are taking kids, demonstrating the worst institutional human trafficking ever seen. Worse than the Nazis, our government admits it and flaunts it. Congress does nothing about it.

Expecting children to defend themselves in court? It’s fucking evil and our whole government is complicit. Making you and I complicit. Though it’s been a couple hundred years since this was a country for and by the people. (I think only during the writing of the Constitution Jefferson and Franklin had a dream)

Don, Mitch and their Modern Mafia:

Murdering with impunity,

Inciting neighbor against neighbor,

Destroying hard fought allegiances,

Praising tyrants and ignoring their crimes,

Selling our secrets to royal murderers,

Killing journalists,

Calling for the destruction of truth,

Corrupting the innocent,

Inspiring perversion,

Freeing the horrid, menacing side of America,

Taking what’s left of the planet from our children,

and so much more.

Pretty soon we will look like Syria, Venezuela today, Libya under Obama, Iraq, Afghanistan under Bush or Kosovo, Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia under Clinton, etc., etc.

All of our Presidents have committed atrocities in the name of the American People.

I am fed up with politicians who lie and support these atrocities. Before WWII the government did not have quite worldwide reach it was, however, very atrocious to its people, the first nation people, people forced here and Central, South America, and the Philippines.

Let’s break these chains of our hidden past.

Let’s face the truth.

We need radical change and Trump has proven that we can handle radical change.

With Trump we’ve seen one person can lead the change, whether good or bad.

We need strong and fearless Democrats elected.

We need strong and fearless Independents elected.

We need strong and fearless “real” Republicans elected.

We’ve seen the hate.