Donald Trump, you are fired.

Our government must do it’s Constitutional duty and protect the United States from internal and external enemies.

Through the process of law let us do what Germany did not do in 1932, let us fire the dictator.

Trump consultants exposed on video. How many in the Republican Congress are being blackmailed?



Donald Trump wearing a hat with the Communist Hammer and scikle
Wanted for Crimes Against Humanity




Many countries were started by protesting. All of society’s positive steps were born out of protests.





Facing a Nazi firing squad
You are not alone


Woman being carried away by police
You may feel alone but there are many who support you


Protesters with signs saying NO! The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!
Time for a change


Rules of Engagement: The Silent Resistance
When confronted with violence.


Police carrying a woman away
You are not alone



Police carrying a man away
You are not alone








Chinese man facing tanks
You are not alone






Woman being slapped by a man
You are not alone





Woman being stepped on by giant boot
You are not alone



There is Love


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Always VOTE


Send Them Back

We need to support Britain, New Zealand and any other country/individual who is or was abused by Putin’s Russia. It’s time to send back their government agents and close their embassy. Enough is enough. The Trumpy Trolls can go along with them.

I certainly do not blame the Russian people for what is going on. Many countries are under the control of demagogues at this time in history such as US and Philippines.

It’s time for the populations to push back.

Let’s restore the world to a path of hope and peace. Enough with these fakers.

Breaking News: Putin to Annex America



Comrade Donald is giving Putin everything he wants:

A destabilized economy √

A criminal class Congress √

A distracted electorate √

A lack of leadership in the military √

A bought and paid for media √

To save the world Putin will annex the United States of America. All the guns and not one shot will be fired. Both the established Republicans and Democrats have failed in their constitutional duty.




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