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Thank you Younglings

Children have changed America. Please continue to do so.

Follow your hearts. Do not be stopped by those who wish to confront, degrade you or intimidate you.

I am utterly shocked by the politicization and the outright hostility¬† and lies demonstrated by some in the media, politicians and others about mass shootings. It’s Sandy Hook all over again. These deniers become insanely aggressive and employ a scorched earth policy, which sounds kind of Russian to me. It’s truly amazing that they can be so evil and attack everyone around them. I believe these people need to be deported. They are unAmerican and the are enemies within.

This hate must stop.

No More Excuses.

Stop Blaming the Victims.

Below: A couple of articles and then a couple of videos

NRA Fascist Puppet lies and lies again


Rubio Lying puppet shill.


Keep up the good work Children of America. You have a strong history of making change in this country.

Resistance Boutique

I’m going to leave the University of Michigan at 3pm EST for 20 minutes in support of the students in Parkland and in support of the students across the country. No discussion just walking.

I think quiet, strong resistance is the way to go. While others are taking to the streets it’s up to the rest of us, who are part of the machine, to resist from the inside. Thank you for taking to the streets. Thank you for all of your hard work. We are your support and we are here and active.

Every chance we get we must slow and stop the Republican rape of our country.

Those of us who have no way out of our mortgages, car payments and expenses must protest from within.


Slow it down or stop it when you can.


Do not listen to the haters. Let’s not follow their lies or give them a chance to spew them.

It’s time for us to be the bots.

We can lawfully fight against this onslaught.

Below are positive headlines and below that are headlines about extremist Republicans





Let’s do this



Embarrass US


Stop you from Voting


In the pocket of the Russian Bear


We don’t care about your children


Why give the murderous NRA a voice? Shut them Down.


Sent by Trump




Bastard Tool for Russia and Neo-Fascists


No Surprise


Images as usual ripped from Google.

I’m There

The equilibrium is coming. It’s time to vote against every single Republican. Let’s send a message that Americas will not accept extremists. Let’s send a message that will provide hope and will be heard around the world. This nightmare must end.

Okay don’t try to talk me out of it. I’m done. Through. I always give the other side the benefit of the doubt. Which is better Captain Crunch or Count Chocula? Snickers or Payday? Toyota or Honda? I can find compromise anywhere and everywhere. But now I’m done.

Liberty 4 All
Liberty 4 All

Republican or Democrat? Democrat. No you say. I am just sick of the mealy, mouthed, coward Republicans supporting Trump. What, is he and Russia blackmailing the lot of them? Mitt Romney what a turn coat coward !!!

It’s too bad the Republicans let Trump hijack the party and to allow him to destroy this country, its people and the world is just criminal.

 Good bye Republican Party. You once had honor and integrity (well as much as any political party can have) and now you are corrupt and criminal.

Images ripped from Google images. Thank you posters.


On this President’s Day. We do not have a President. Instead we have a bully, 3rd grader who hates everyone and wants everything for himself. Why are we paying this clown? All those who push his initiatives through Congress should be arrested and yes assets seized.

As a country we are SHAMED.


Vote for the Manchurian Candidate Donald J. Trump

Big shot draft dodgers. Cowards can own guns just don’t ask us to fight for our country.

Psychopaths and Draft Dodgers
Psychopaths and Draft Dodgers