Awareness is the Key

Understanding our actions and reactions will help us grow as a society.

We, often, do not know our impact on others.

Please watch this video all the way through.


Today is the Day

It’s the day. It’s the day to vote. Primary day.

You can help to decide who will be on the November ticket.

It’ll just take a couple of minutes.

Go to the polls and have your SAY.

Change can happen but it’s up to you to take the steps to voice your opinion.

The best way to undermine those who wish to destroy our republic is to VOTE.

Don’t let others decide for you.

The time is now

It’s up to you

Thank you

Thank you all very much. I’m very happy that you stop by, read and like my postings. Even if you don’t press like I do appreciate your visits.

Very Honorable Mention, Saman Gunan. There are many unsung heroes in this world, let’s take a minute to honor one and consider those we never hear about.

Please do all you can to help your neighbor, that stranger and those in need.

Our good deeds will ripple through humanity in a positive wave.

We are all in it together.

There is only one race, the human race.

We must share our resources.





Have a Wonderful Day

Please Vote