I return to a pile of trinkets, so carefully saved through the years

Filling up the corners of my Sunday with necessary aggravations

Trinkets with expectations of service and inevitability shimmer in the veiled recesses of my mind

I tell some to take the day off, to go and visit some friends

While I rearrange the furniture

I plan to throw them away and recycling comes to mind

Recycling aggravations into positives

finish incomplete tasks

Remove the attachments and uncouple the embarrassed, resentment of the spurned,

place in a toxic waste bin and maybe they’ll be re-purposed

Cycle existence into something new

Say goodbye and set them free


Don’t Tazze me Bro!

Old man smoking a cigarette

Right before where I should be

I crawled to the big and shiny

Upload me down

Engulfed in the pleasure of purchase

Instantaneous buy in

Wrapped in my super protective ego

Born brand loyal

Filtering the stop-motion of a side-way review

It starts with that crazy mind fuck shit

No chance for reconciliation

How did I get here?

Don’t tazze bro


Upper Sandusky looked just like Lower Sandusky

We drove through anyway

The trees fell and the rain danced across the windshield

I turned the wipers on low

She marvels at the birds

The geese are flying the wrong way

A hawk on her shoulder telling her secrets

The gas station takes plastic


Digital nonrepresentational abstract art

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Lost: Old, White Male


Henry West Third Planet

The screens are chaos active. Not a minute to spare.

I awoke in bazaaro world. I’m out of touch. Out of time.

You might not recognize this but there was a time when no one gave a fuck about what you were doing. It was a long time ago. Mind your own business MYOB, was drilled into my head by my mom whenever I inquired.

Abused, ignored and discarded -so what. Well we all have our struggles and you just get to it however you can.

I am the racist. I am the privileged. Have been forever. I’ve done some stupid shit and would have done time if I were anything but white.

There was a flickering of realization that something was wrong with that but why bother just enjoy the ride.

I realized along time ago the difference. I saw our town close when a black family came in to survey some property. I heard the jokes. I told the jokes. Every single outsider was ridiculed. I am raised Irish-Catholic. Irish by temperament and Catholic by not practicing.

Labels. Can I squeeze into your demographic?

The freedom of war allows all the crazies.  Context?

I grew up during the cold war. Everyone was united against Communist aggression. Reds under the bed. Most everything else could be ignored. We lived in a constant Kool-aide bath. (Insert last fifty years of history here.) There were cracks and the occasional explosion of public disorder.

Anyway after the Berlin Wall and the fall war became an independent contractor. It took just a few years to weaponize every country. It took a few years to weaponize every human being. My reality is my little box, a place to feel safe, a place of love. I have no way of controlling geopolitics. What to do with all these great weapons if we don’t have the commies?

My privilege is built on the backs of many. A large amount of dumb luck, mix in a little charm and sometimes you don’t get the ticket. I’ve done my due diligence. I went this way. That way. Over there. Over here. Pro this anti that. I know I haven’t suffered as others have. I knew a long time ago that I was safe walking to the store. I was invited to the party. Have I perpetuated this yes.

I was called names. I called names. I was bullied, I bullied. Still happens -though subtle in the workplace and outright in public.

I need to realize the truth. The noise from too much noise drowns reality.

Enter the internet. Unbefuckinglybelievable!

No way to predict this. Some came close.   (Insert history of internet, impact on society and personal stories of social networking here.)

Yeah here I am the old guy in the room. Bald, white and over fifty.

I’ve got the sixties hippie attitude and my twenty first century intolerance of intolerance. I don’t go for goose stepping. I ain’t gonna salute no flag.

I ain’t no liberal and I ain’t no conservative. But my looks tell you otherwise. (Place label here.)

Microaggressions from those around me. They know I just don’t get it. They assume though I’m not allowed to assume. Click click you are not part of our claque.

Yeah I got it. I won’t tell you though. Figure it out.

I allow, put up, accept all of that and it does at times piss me off. I use my privilege of empathy and let it go.

Don’t think I’m making light of your struggle.

I am sick of and pissed off about these crazy ass white people walking through town with torches. Possibly armed.

I know most of us know better. Extremism is the worst thing that has infected our society.

Losing our facade of fairness exposes the dried bones of tribalism. It’s not racism, fascism, liberalism, socialism it’s all the isms.

The tribe needs protection no matter the label or the horror.

I believe in Human Beings. I don’t care your geographical, social, economic or where ever place in life.

You are Human.

I am Human.

We live on a tiny piece of dust in a universe that will kill us. Yeah we’re all stardust.

Our lifespans are short though seemingly infinite when we’re young.

How do you want to spend that time?

++++++End Transmission++++++

Ode to spam -Okay not really an ode more like a lame sarcastic complaint

I love email spam. I can have Russian, Asian women, a vehicle warranty and more hair. I always click on them and open all the links provided. Strangely I have to buy a new computer every week.

I do miss the Nigerian prince who wants me to hold onto 85 million for him. I only have to provide my bank account and access code. What could go wrong?

5th Host